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Surveillance and privileges. The Dresden Stasi in the villa district on the slopes of the Elbe.

What did political imprisonment mean in the GDR? What do contemporary witnesses tell us about their pre-trial detention in Dresden? What do biographies of Stasi employees look like?

On a tour of Saxony's only original Stasi remand centre, you will learn how the state's repressive apparatus tried to eliminate its political opponents. In the former office of the Dresden Stasi chief, listen to recordings that prove how the Stasi worked, explore the opulent MfS banquet hall or discover a former KGB employee and current Soviet president in the illustrious circle of "friends".

In the Soviet detention cellar, it is not only the barren cells, the outdoor corridor or the water carter of the Soviet secret service that tell about the fates of the detainees, which often led to the Gulag.


6 and 8 pm
Political imprisonment in the GDR
Guided tour with former inmates of the Stasi detention centre


10 pm
From historical site to memorial
Guided tour with Henry Krause, chairman of the board of the memorial's sponsoring association


18-24 h
From application to file
Application for file inspection and counselling by the Stasi Archives Dresden


Short tours


18-23 h
Searching for clues in the memorial
Family offer


18-24 h
Sweet and savoury snacks as well as hot and cold drinks