From Trabi to prisoner transporter

The world of the GDR, Dresden Foto: Heiko Neumann

From Trabi to prisoner transporter



The Bautzner Straße Memorial in Dresden and the “Die Welt der DDR” museum deal with the GDR's past from a multi-perspective perspective.

In the GDR, too, there was a completely normal everyday life, from cars to camping vacations. It was lived, loved, celebrated and worked. But anyone who crossed the borders drawn by the SED could quickly come into conflict with state power. The State Security observed, "disintegrated" and arrested people who they held in their own pretrial detention centers. Nice memories of everyday life in the GDR and dealing with the darker side do not have to be a contradiction in terms.

The aim of the joint offer is to bring these two sides together and thus enable a differentiated approach to the subject of the SED dictatorship. Only through the presentation of all the tensions and contradictions can one experience what it meant to live in this state.

Within the project, both extracurricular learning locations are visited and related to each other. The offer starts in the museum "The World of the GDR", concluding and evaluating will take place in the memorial Bautzner Straße Dresden.

The offer is aimed at pupils from grade 9 of all school types (especially for the subjects of social studies, history, ethics and religion), but also for adults.

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about 5 hours
People max.:
Price per person:
12,00 € (reduced 10,00 €)
Minimum price per group:
300,00 € (reduced 250,00 €)